Inspirational Academy speaker Simon Hartley, discusses the five things that he believes makes World Class Leadership great. He talks about the importance of envisioning your purpose, to understanding that leadership comes from influence and not dictatorship.

Video Transcript:
What is it about world class leadership that makes it so great. And, actually, what I discovered is there are five things, I find these five. First of all, world class leadership has genuine depth. It’s not about one leader. In fact, you could describe world class teams as a team of leaders. Great example is the England rugby team who won the 2003 World Cup. They actually had eight, seven, distinct leadership roles within a team of 15 players and it wasn’t by accident at all. They knew that they had a dearth of leadership they knew how important leadership was, so Clive Woodward worked for three or four years to develop leaders within that team who could lead on the field. Secondly and we’ve heard plenty about this today, they invision their purpose. They understand why they do what they do. They understand why it matters why you have to do it well, why it’s important, they understand that. And interestingly that’s not understand the strategy or understand the target or the goal. It’s different. That’s they understand their purpose why they do what they do and why is it why is it important why is it matter. So they understand that and they then go and live it and breathe it which is also really difficult sometimes especially if you’re in those situations as some of our speakers have described where the wind is howling around you where it’s minus however many degrees it is, if you’ve just woken up and you’ve just gone backwards eight miles after walking forwards seven, you know, those are the times when actually embodying your purpose and living and breathing that purpose has become more difficult. It’s far easier to compromise it in those moments. They also understand that they need to lead through influence. Great leaders that I’ve seen lead through influence, not direction, not instruction, but influence. They fundamentally understand that leadership is not dictated by leaders. Leadership is always dictated by followers. Followers choose whether they’re going to follow or not. You know social media tells us these people can follow and unfollow whoever they like whenever they like, and it honestly doesn’t matter what it says on your organisational chart – emotionally, people choose to follow you or not. They enable each other to perform better, they enable the people around them to perform better. They enable the people who are around them to deliver their best possible performance and not just some of the people, not just the ones who were quite like them, who they’re quite similar to but they’ll allow everybody in the team to perform at their best. Sounds simple but it’s incredibly rare. I’m sure you’ve been part of teams where leaders maybe haven’t got the best out of everybody in their team so, so it’s a simple quality but it’s incredibly rare. And finally, they make great decisions, great leadership, consistently makes great decisions, fundamentally because it understands how to make great decisions. But there’s a process to it. You know it doesn’t happen by chance. Justin very aptly helped us to understand during his last session that there’s a process, a thought process, that goes behind great decision-making. One of the things I’ve also noticed the great leaders that I’ve seen very rarely provide the answer. Often great leaders ask great questions. That’s what differentiates them.