Here Fergus Baillie CEO of The Baird Group, discusses why he bring’s his leadership team along to events like our World Class Leadership Summit in Islington. He also talks about what he hopes they will gain from attending.


Video Transcript:

One of our objectives as an organisation is to be in the top 100 companies to work for and in order to do that we want to empower our leaders and grow and develop them throughout the organisation.  So by bringing our leadership team to an event like today’s, I want to create a learning platform for them to be able to take some of the objectives and some of the learnings that they took from the environment today, and empower their teams so that they can then take that away and create high-performing teams.   I find that if you attend an event in isolation it can often be hard to communicate that message back to the organisation so I want all of these people to hear the same message.  We can then work as a team to understand what’s important and there and then empower to take that learning back into the organisation.