Former SAS Major and inspirational speaker, Floyd Woodrow, shares his insights on the world today and the attributes a successful leader needs to have. He shares the vital piece of advice he’s received and thinks every leader should use.


Video Transcript:

And that’s the most important thing for me is everything you’re going to hear today, you know, there’s nothing new.  It’s just whether or not you’re doing it.  And for me one of the most important things that you do need to have is the third thing that Al Slater said to me he said you need to have a compass.  Once you’ve got a compass and you programme it the correct way, it will always point you in the right direction.  So I love what Schwab says about the world today it is changing dramatically in a number of different areas. He uses some key words which I’ve highlighted in yellow.  He talks about sensitivity and empathy. I’ve just told you about SAS soldiers behind enemy lines.  Without sensitive sensitivity and empathy you cannot lead those soldiers.  It’s impossible.  More importantly, it’s about your own sensitivity and empathy, making sure you’re looking after yourself, making sure you’re in a great place or when you’re in those circumstances, actually I’ve been here before, I’m prepared mentally and physically resilient to deal with it, I can now support those people next to me.  I need to know you’ve got the right values.  Brendan spoke about those all the time.  Values.  What are your values?  What do you stand for?  What’s the team code of conduct?  What is your vision, how clear it is and do you have a compass?  Because once that compass is aligned then you can take responsibility.   I know what I need to do in this situation.  Every single individual in this team has their own compass but we’re aligned.